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We help clients of all different sizes solve a range of problems. Below are a sample of our projects.


Customer engagement ladder

Nolis, LLC, helped Expedia better understand their customers and what causes them to engage. Working in collaboration with Cyrca Strategy, we took market research on customer behavior and analyzed it to find the drivers and relative importance of different attributes. With this work Expedia is able to better prioritize their marketing approach and more efficiently use their marketing spend.


Customer-facing AI

We helped introduce AI to T-Mobile. Through a partnership with the Product and Technology team, we created machine learning models to assist customer service representatives and alleviate pain points when customers message T-Mobile's contact centers. With our help, T-Mobile was able to put their first real-time, scalable, customer-facing deep learning model into production.


Data science pipeline

Nolis, LLC is helped FoodCorps convert the reports from schools throughout the country and begin efficiently analyzing this data. By relying on modern techniques and the programming language R, the results could get from these reports to the stakeholders faster and more accurately. This empowered the company to make informed decisions in a timely fashion.

The Stranger

Reader survey analysis

When the Stranger launched a survey on its reader's sexual habits, desires, experiences, and preferences, we were delighted to explore this data with cutting-edge data science techniques. We performed an analysis of the data and authored an article detailing a handful of hilarious discoveries.

Mathematical Association of America

Educating professors

The Mathematical Association of America recognizes both the need for math students in industry and the lack of knowledge on what jobs are actually like. Nolis, LLC is helping the MAA train professors to prepare students for the working world with programs like PIC Math.


Unlocking value from data

Knack enables people to send infinitely customizable gift sets to friends, family, and clients. The company knew they were sitting on a wealth of value in their data on what people send as gifts and what occasions they shop for. Nolis, LLC was brought on to realize that value, and help create a strategy for using it to improve the customer experience.

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